Pick your Jam, or Mix and Match

Jam Classes

Jam classes are designed to get the most fun the fastest for jammers of all skill levels. Teaching closely with the philosophy and methods of Pete Wernick, Gilbert delivers in his own inimitable style. You’ll be jamming in the first 5 minutes! His “One Room Schoolhouse” fits all skill levels, entry level to experienced jammer. Everyone gets to succeed and no one gets left behind. You’ll get good understanding and lots experience with many facets of jamming. You’ll get a sense of the whole scene and how you can fit in.
Gilbert is by far the most experienced and successful of the Wernick Method teachers, ranging the entire Southeast from his home in South Carolina to Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia to North Carolina, and Florida. From short “Festival Based Overview” classes and Weekly Evening Sessions, to vacation resort “Family Style” camps and full tilt Multi-Day Jam Camps, each is unique and fulfilling.

Gilbert’s teaching team is unparalleled. Gilbert along with his wife Leigh Nelson and Dee Rosser each bring their own unique style, perspective and personality to the circle. Dee is a master luthier and a guitarist with teaching credentials honed in military and business spheres. Leigh plays bass fiddle and much more, but really she’s the brains of the team keeping Gilbert’s and everyone’s ducks in a row. They are beloved by their students and an inspiration to all. Gilbert, Dee, and Leigh have worked together to share their love for the music with jammers of all ages and experience.

Focused jam groups

Gilbert’s focused jam groups are ongoing gatherings where jammers focus on building their knowledge of a set of songs, perhaps taking the additional step of playing for others. Focused jam groups have played in area nursing homes, churches, and at other events.  You can find out more about focused jam groups here.

Two Members of Our Teaching Team

jam teacher Leigh Leigh Nelson–Bass player extraordinaire, organizational wizard, inspiring jammer


Dee in BristolDee Rosser–instrument builder, jam leader, guitarist and calming presence