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Bluegrass music lessons on banjo, mandolin, dobro, and guitar are tailored to your learning style and goals. Gilbert’s music instruction aims for the most success the fastest. Success makes for fun and of course, more success. Each learner is unique and Gilbert tailors instruction to make the most of his students’ strengths and build areas that are lacking. Music is a physical activity guided and informed by knowledge and understanding. Gilbert helps develop common sense musical understanding along with the technical skills that make real music.

Thanks to today’s technology, Gilbert can offer lessons in person or face-to-face via digital conferencing, for example using Skype. Gilbert tailors a personalized learning plan that gets his students the most fun the fastest. He will work with aspiring musicians and with players who seek to expand their musical vocabulary and technical skills from an existing base.

Instruments? Gilbert is comfortable leading students to greater success on guitar, banjo, mandolin and Dobro. He will help each student set realistic goals and learn techniques to reach those goals in the shortest and most effective manner. “Music is about so many skills. Some may good at rhythm while others are good at melody. None of us are good at them all. Patterns in music, technique, understanding, hand and muscle training, learning principles and more can all be learned.” Gilbert has studied the art of teaching for years and he can show you the way. His bluegrass lessons will help guide you to the essence of your abilities and the music.

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