Gilbert Nelson: Teacher, Performer

Gilbert first heard the music he loves when as a seven year old his dad took him to a show at the legendary Chicago Old Town School of Folk Music. It was magical as Gilbert moved thru grand rooms and halls, each hosting its own impromptu jam session. Gilbert at age 7 found it completely natural and fine to place himself into the center of a circle of master pickers surrounding himself with their dazzling sounds. Gilbert still has his dad’s banjo with that day’s autographs from Pete Seeger and Don Reno.

Gilbert (known to his friends as Dr. Jambo) is a self-taught musician. As he moves through various stages of development, Ah Ha! moments, guitars, mandolins, dobros and banjos, his journey is an ongoing adventure. Along the way, Gilbert has acquired a knack for showing others the way to musical fun and success. Knowing that everyone’s musical journey is unique, his teaching is tailored for exactly where you’re at, imparting decades of knowledge, understanding and insight one-on-one and in group settings. As an avid learner himself, Gilbert’s teaching skills are always being shaped and honed by experience.

Gilbert loves to entertain. He and his wife Leigh form the core of their band The Jam Town Grass. He’s also creator and producer of his own show Spontaneous Combustion, a game featuring competing bands rendering performances “on the fly” with the topic determined by a spin of the big guitar wheel.

Today, Gilbert and Leigh Nelson are based in Boiling Springs, SC. They teach Wernick method Jam Classes. From Florida to Tennessee, Georgia to Virginia and the Carolinas they are energetically showing the way to musician newcomers and old hands alike.

In person and using digital conferencing technology Gilbert teaches both individual and group jamming. Focused jam classes and a monthly free “Guided Jams” are more ways to interact and learn. To find out more about any of these opportunities, please use this contact form.

Gilbert and Leigh Nelson at Bristol Rhythm and Roots