Never have I had so much fun . . .
Gilbert masterfully blends the learning and the fun!
–a recent jam class student

If you have never experienced the learning curve, the application of ideas into real jamming,
or the camaraderie the defines one of my jamming classes, then by all means you’ll want to get in on this.

Jamming is what most people imagine themselves doing when they take up a bluegrass instrument,
yet jamming skills are mostly neglected when that’s what we need the most. Jamming is very much
a social interaction with very definite customs and “rules of the road”, yet it is fluid and takes shape
as the songs and the jam session itself unfolds. Gilbert will give you the guidance, principles, clues
and the jamming experience you need to be a more successful jammer, and most of all . . . to have fun!

Some of you have never jammed before. You’ll be jamming the first minutes! Others have more experience,
and likely more questions. This “one room schoolhouse” adventure offers opportunities for real life
jamming in small breakout sessions for beginners and advanced alike.

Maybe you’d like to learn to hunt down that melody or get understanding about the capo and transposing.
Perhaps you know that stuff and you need a safe learning atmosphere to put it to use. Whether it’s
“faking” a solo, or insight into harmony singing, kicking off a song or ending one, finding your key or a hundred other questions, this is your chance to get some traction.

We have two jam class opportunities coming up.

You can sign up at
or you can sign up by calling me at 864-764-4830. Either way a $50.00 deposit secures your place.


Saturday, October 31 and Sunday, November 1
Seagrove NC Private residence in the country.
40 minutes from central Greensboro.
– Limit 12 jammers –
Tuition $199.00 – Lunch included


Saturday, November 7 – A whole day of jamming fun!
Location to be announced
Spartanburg SC
Tuition $95.00 – Lunch included